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I received a call from a man who was contacted by a woman trying to find the owner of a purse she had found containing $200.She was trying find the person whose name appeared on some paperwork and cc cards in purse.the man contacted me and gave me the woman's number.the honest woman had indeed turned in a purse that fit the description of my stolen purse.i proceeded to contact Anaheim pd first in the property department then the front desk and neither had any record of such item being turned in.i then called the lady back to make sure of the facts and location.

She confirmed the same story. I called back I tried to tell the front desk about my story and she didn't listen to a word I said and talked over me. Raising her voice to an almost hi pitched yell telling me they didn't take it and and telling me the owner picked it up. I told her that's impossible because I hadn't.

She then told me the purse was picked up by someone with an I'd that proved she was the owner. The lady she said was Asian. I am not Asian.the lady was all upset at the police when she went down there but somehow the police got her to believe it was never mine.if that purse wasn't mine how was my name in their and my contacts and there was never any mention of any id in the purse through this whole thing.

So I ask you how did an Asian lady just happen to pick up her purse hours later with the last name matching the credit cards the finder said was inside.Did she really claim it or did it just "disappear" and it's all a cover up what are your thoughts?

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I think it'd be very easy to file a complaint against the PD.Well, if you filed a report of your stolen purse anyway.

Did you report it before the man called yu? Ask the police for a copy of the report. Then file a complaint through a different police dept. Ask them what you can do to either get it back or have them reimburse you.

There's recorded phone calls they SHOULD have on file, videotapes of the lady that turned it in, as well as videotapes of the lady that picked it up. They SHOULD also have paperwork on the purse. If they don't it will look like they straight up lied and someone kept the purse. Which who knows they might have!

Anaheim police kill two civilians within 2 days of each other this summer so don't put it past them... Good luck with it all.

Hope yu go through with filing a complaint.They get away with waaay too much!

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